Jojo Rabbit: 5 Things Make It Hilarious

Jojo Rabbit is a film about a boy who has Hitler as an imaginary friend. The story progresses further with Hitler’s ideology instilled in the boy’s upbringing. As you can imagine, the premise has been met with offended responses from many.

Here 5 Ways make Jojo Rabbit is Hilarious:

1. Hilarious: It’s meant to be seen with a comedic lens

Finally, the entire point of the film can be communicated by informing viewers that it’s supposed to be seen as a comedy and not a faithful representation of history. Sure, it is a sensitive topic. But at no point did Jojo Rabbit ever promote Hitler as a good guy, nor did the film ever attempt to picture the suffering of the people as funny.

Instead, it was the point of view of the boy that we’re supposed to focus on, which instantly makes the film out to be the comedy that Taika Waititi wants you to see. By putting on your funny glasses; you’ll appreciate the comedic points for what they are.

2. A comedic take on previously broached topic

Other films, like The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, have shown a bleak outlook on the events of the war and its effect on children. But Jojo Rabbit would’ve lost its identity had it played out in similar fashion. Waititi’s style of using comedy is hidden genius in the sense thatthis method actually piques interest over the subject matter.

You can look toward Inglourious Basterds, a huge critical success mainly due to it being a subversion of the usual style of films we’ve seen in this genre; Jojo Rabbit is like a lighter-on-the-violence version of that movie in terms of presentation. It’s the kind of out-of-the-box thinking in a Taika Waititi film that we’ve come to expect.

3. Innocent protagonist

Look, you can be angry all you want over whatever you see onscreen. But you also need to remember that we’re watching things from the point of view of a child. Isn’t it a universal truth that our ideas about how life was supposed to be when we were kids seem hilarious in hindsight?

It is because of this that Jojo Rabbit’s protagonist comes across as funny. The boy is so innocent and naive that for him. The world is just a big ball of optimism. Looking at things with the innocence of a child brings in a whole new angle from which you can watch the movie.

4. Taika Waititi’s comedic mastery

One should always give the benefit of the doubt to Taika Waititi, who can easily be counted on to deliver a hilarious film and interesting characters. If you’re not sure about that, check out all his previous works, from What We Do in the Shadows to Hunt for the Wilderpeople, and you’ll see how he’s never insensitive; he finds the lighter moments in heavy topics.

Jojo Rabbit continues this trend for Waititi. Where you can trust on his brand of comedy and know there’s no malicious intent involved. Even the promotion for the film was genius, where Waititi used one of the “Hitler Reacts” memes on YouTube to showcase how Jojo Rabbit’s comedy would further his style of breezy comedy.

5. Making Hitler come across like a fool

It becomes clear that Jojo is projecting his brainwashed ideology into what he thinks Hitler is like. However, once the initially friendly Hitler angle sets in. He’s portrayed as a total idiot for the rest of his time onscreen.

This is how you know that the point of depicting Hitler is to show how messed up the whole Nazi manner of thinking was in the first place. Everything this Hitler does represents how much of a clown the real man was. And it’s funny to see that play out.


Author: Duong VR

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