Para Para Sakura 2001: Aaron Kwok and Cecilia Cheung Dacing under Sakura Forest

Para Para Sakura (Vu Dieu Hoa Anh Dao) is a movie that features dancing style ‘Para Para’ or ‘ParaPara’ in the romantic plot. Would you like to know more about this movie and what it is about? Read all about the plot and the characters in this article.

Movie Summary

Philip Wong (Aaron Kwok) is a colour-blind dance instructor. He gives lessons in dance and teaches people how to dance to the latest popular dance in Japan- Para Para. When Philip goes to Shanghai he meets Yee (Cecilia Cheung). She is a beautiful girl with a wealthy background. She is not happy because her family tried to arrange a marriage for her. Due to this, she runs away from home. Yee comes to Philip’s dance school and lessons. Soon, the two start developing feelings for each other. However, when Yee is called by her family to come and live up to their expectations, and get married as is tradition, she goes back to Japan. Philip has to do everything he can to stop her from marrying someone she doesn’t love.

The Characters

Aaron Kwok plays Philip. Kwok is a very popular Hong Kong singer, dancer and actor who shot to fame in the 1980’s and has remained popular ever since. His talent for dancing was discovered in 1984 when he took dance lessons. He then, started performing in music videos of other singers, long before trying his hand at singing himself. In 1990, he became famous in Taiwan overnight when he played in a Honda commercial. When he released his music in Taiwan, he became successful straightaway. He went on to become one of Asia’s top pop stars. He is known for his on-stage show, which has him to do all sorts of dance styles.

Cecilia Cheung plays Yee in “Para Para Sakura”. Cheung is an actress and pop singer. She has played in movies like “King of Comedy” and “Fly me to Polaris”. After winning the award for the latter movie for the best newcomer at the Hong Kong film awards, Cheung launched her singing career. She then won the best actress award at the Hong Kong Film Awards in 2003 for her part in “Lost in Time”. More on Cecilia Cheung Check out more on Cecilia Cheung on

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