Dune Remake Trailer Will Come Next Month

Denis Villeneuve is getting ready to tease his upcoming Dune movie with a trailer attached to Christopher Nolan’s Inception re-release.

The first footage of Denis Villeneuve’s long-awaited Dune movie will debut next month. Frank Herbert’s iconic source material has been adapted before. But there is a lot of hype surrounding Villeneuve’s take on it. For one, he is able to stretch the story across two installments instead of having to cram everything into one. The buzz surrounding the movie has been pretty intense from those in the industry who have been able to see bits and pieces of the rough cut. The director is currently in the post-production phase and the movie still holds its December release date.

Christopher Nolan’s re-release of Inception was originally going to open in theaters on July 17th, but North American theaters are now aiming for August 21st, though it is unclear if that will still happen with the way things are moving. The Dune trailer will be attached to the re-release both in the United States and in Europe, though it will land in international theaters on August 12th, reportedly with a new Wonder Woman 1984 trailer too.

It is believed that Christopher Nolan’s Tenet will open in U.S. theaters on September 3rd, while opening on August 26th overseas. With that being said, there will be an abundance of spoilers out there, so keep an eye out. Whatever the case may be, Dune fans should be pretty excited that the first trailer is on the way. It is unclear at this time if the trailer will be released online simultaneously, or if we will have to wait for it, but the good news is that we won’t have to wait too much longer to find out.

It is believed that the first Dune trailer would have been out a lot sooner if it weren’t for the current public health situation. We saw first-look images at the beginning of the summer. Which is usually a telltale sign that a trailer release is imminent. Since then, we haven’t really heard too much about the highly anticipated movie, or its release date. It would not be shocking to see the studio pull the release date and give it a new slot in 2021. Which will more than likely be packed with new movies that were all supposed to open in 2020.

In addition to the 10th anniversary re-release of Inception. Christopher Nolan fans will be shown around 4 minutes of footage from Tenet. Which will likely be exclusive to theaters next month. As for the Wonder Woman 1984 trailer, not much is known about it either. But Warner Bros. will likely place it online to raise more excitement for the movie. The sequel was originally supposed to open this summer. But that has not been able to happen. For now, it looks like the movie will open in the fall, if it is safe to do so. News of the Dune trailer comes to us from Palads Teatret.

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