The Mutants Director ‘Josh Boone’ Claims He Has Something Better Than a Post-Credit Scene

The New Mutants is finally arriving in theaters and it does have something special during the credits.

It has been a long time coming but The New Mutants, seemingly against all odds, has arrived in theaters. With a whole lot more movie theaters open in the U.S. this weekend, Disney decided to release director Josh Boone’s long-delayed X-Men spin-off. Now for one of the big questions; does the movie have a post-credits scene?

Warning: minor spoilers ahead for The New Mutants. Read on at your own risk. Director Josh Boone recently revealed in an interview that his movie does not have a traditional post-credits scene. It does, however, contain something special during the end credits. Specifically, artist Bill Sienkiewicz, who is known for his work on the Demon Bear storyline that inspired the movi. Ddid some illustrations for the credits. Here’s what Boone had to say about it.

“I did something better [than a post-credits scene]. I can’t give you a post-credit scene because I had to scrap it because then it would entail that there was another movie. So, but what I did is we had Bill Sienkiewicz. We had Bill come and he did illustrations of everybody for the end credits. So, like when it says Anya Taylor-Joy, Bill did a brand new thing behind her. So like, you’ll see a bunch of his artwork sort of represented during the end titles, which I hope will be good for fans.”

Having one of the artists who helped to define these characters in the Marvel Comics universe is certainly a nice touch. But one has to wonder, what was the original plan for a post-credits scene? This movie goes back a long way, with production originally taking place in 2017, with a release planned by 20th Century Fox in April 2018. That was back when they were still continuing their version of the X-Men franchise, long before the Disney merger.

With the Disney merger, things changed. The X-Men will be rebooted within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, meaning it is highly unlikely Josh Boone will ever get to finish his planned trilogy. Speaking further, Boone reiterated that they had a three-movie arc planned out, which would have concluded in an adaptation of the Inferno storyline.

“What we sold to Fox was really a comic book made and I had made, that showed what all three films would be. So it’s like the first one was always a rubber reality horror movie based on Demon Bear. The second one was always an alien invasion movie based on a Warlock and his dad coming to earth and all that. And then the third one was gonna be Inferno and be more of like a demonic supernatural horror movie. We’ve finally crossed over with the X-Men movies like it does in the comics for Inferno and all that. That was sort of the dream.”

In the end, Josh Boone and fans will have to settle with this movie finally being out in the world. It will, for better or worse, serve as the end of an era as the final Fox-produced Marvel movie. The New Mutants is in theaters now. This news comes to us via

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