A Ghost Film ‘The Haunted Graduation Photo 2’ With A Little Bit Funny

The Haunted Graduation Photo 2 is a horror film. And directed by Jiu Jiu.

The Haunted Graduation Photo 2 (Buc Anh Ma Am 2) is story about a group of graduating students. Head to a resort to celebrate. Once there, they start to encounter a series of bizarre and strange events. The first love of Su Liang. Who died unexpectedly. Starts to appear in visions and launches a bloody trail of vengeance on the friends. So they panic and try to escape.

China’s film regulation apparatchiks have, in recent years. Allowed directors some leeway to stray from party dogma: the “gratuitous consumption of commodities”. And excessively saccharine romances are now deemed tolerable. But officials remain firm in other aspects of ideological doctrine.

Under the recently enacted Film Industry Promotion Law. So films that “promote cults and superstition” are banned. Because they go against the supposedly modern, materialist world view of the People’s Republic. Yet young, thrill-seeking audi­ences in China can’t get enough of such films.

Part of the fun of watching horror film (phim kinh di) about paranormal events is to see humble mortals outwit their ethereal adversaries. With ghost movies in China. That suspense double. As film­makers continue to appease the country’s notoriously rigorous censors.

Author: Duong VR

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