Lady Detective Shadow 2018: An excellent ensemble of well known individuals in the native cast

We like detective shows, martial arts and Wushu films. So it is not difficult to like producer Bey Logan’s TV movie. Lady Detective Shadow (2018), which puts all those pieces together. A relatively low budget film that takes on a big budget vibe. Lady Detective Shadow (2018) is created in much the same style as the 90’s Wushu films. This film is entirely a Chinese production so don’t expect anything other than Chinese culture. And although you may not recognize anyone in cast. Lady Detective Shadow does have an excellent ensemble of well known individuals in the native cast and they work very well together.

For those speaking only English, watching a crime story entirely in Mandarin means dependency on English subtitles. And this can be aggravating for viewers as there are always times when we feel we’ve missed something important in the conversation. On a good note, however, the lighting in this film did made it easier to read the subtitles. Unlike many similar Hong Kong films (phim vo thuat co trang) made in the 1980’s and 90’s.

Lady Detective Shadow is about a very astute investigator. A Sherlock Holmes style “lady” detective by the name of Sima Feiyan, played by Shang Rong, who travels throughout ancient China solving crimes. Not only is this character capable of wisely deducing circumstances others don’t notice, but she is also a well trained martial artist who, along with her sidekick, is capable of incapacitating just about any villain. The bad guys see only a beautiful and mysterious woman, and then, for them, it is too late.

The Lady Detective Shadow (Than Tham Vo Anh) story line is good. If not a little predictable at times. But there was so many high energy fight scenes that Lady Detective Shadow (2018) didn’t give us time to get bored. If you don’t like wire work this may not be the film for you. And there were times we wished they had a bigger budget so they could actually travel to the necessary destinations to film particular scenes instead of using CGI green screen. But, with the right budget, this film could easily become a hit series.

Also, if you are paying attention, you will glean a bit of Chinese wisdom from Lady Detective Shadow (2018):

Much like in Bolo Yeung’s Writing Kung-fu (1979) we gleaned that “A man has a strong body or kung fu skills. That is one’s man power. But words are another way of conveying the truth, and with knowledge and talent, a country can thrive”. This is great news for writers, as we must be appreciated for fighting with words.

For the bad guys in Lady Detective Shadow (2018), “reason was defeated by desire”. Thankfully the Lady Detective uses reason, and a bit of kung fu, to extinguish the desires of the bad guys.

All in all, we would be willing to travel with the Lady Detective on any of her new adventures. As she continues to outwit and outfight the bad guys of ancient China.

Author: Duong VR

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