Secrets in the Hot Springs Review: Just give this film a try for the comedy and the story line

If you are interested in horror comedies then look no further. Secrets in the Hot Springs is the movie for you.

Secrets in Hot Springs (Suoi Ma) takes place in a rundown hotel which is run by the grandparents of Xiao Gin. Xiao Gin along with his classmates. Little Princess and Lu Qun, come along to realize the hotel is not only in bad shape but is haunted! Through a series of mysterious incidents, songs and the appearance of hands. The three begin to believe there is something in the hotel appearing at night. While getting together to uncover the truth, the three begin to form a close friendship.

Although it is a horror comedy (phim kinh di hai). The film leans more towards the slapstick comedy gags that have you laughing here and there. It’s through the comedy bits that we see all three main characters grow into the friendship they form by the end of the film. A friendship that is built on getting to know each other through their fears as well as the hard parts of life.

While Xiao Gin’s character seems standoffish and stereotypical. His character unfolds more as we learn more about his past and present through the small remembrances he encounters at his grandparents hotel. Discovering not only his grandparents secrets, but the realization of the legacy his parents leave him which he follows suit.

If you don’t like horror movies (phim chieu rap 2021). But like the jumps or tension of them every once in a while. Just give Secrets in the Hot Spring a try for the comedy and the story line. It’s not like we get to experience horror comedies everyday, right?

Author: Duong VR

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