The Reason Why Emma Watson Walked Off This Is the End Set Reveales by Seth Rogen

Emma Watson appeared in 2013’s This Is the End. But the Harry Potter actress couldn’t hang with one particular scene, according to Seth Rogen.

Seth Rogen has revealed why Emma Watson walked off the set of This Is the End back in 2013. The apocalyptic comedy was written by Rogen and Evan Goldberg and it also served as their directorial debuts. In addition to Rogen, the movie stars James Franco, Craig Robinson, Jay Baruchel, Jonah Hill, Danny McBride, and several other celebrities with a story centered on fictionalized versions of its cast in the wake of a global biblical apocalypse. It was a worldwide hit at the box office, earning over $126 million globally.

While Emma Watson appeared in This Is the End. And received rave reviews from critics, she was not comfortable with one scene involving cannibalism. So she walked off the set. Seth Rogen confirmed the story in a new interview. But did not go into details as to why the Harry Potter actress decided to leave. “I mean, I don’t look back on that and think, ‘How dare she do that?’ You know,” Rogen says. “I think sometimes when you read something, when it comes to life it doesn’t seem to be what you thought it was.”

While Emma Watson did walk off the set, she did come back to make sure everything was cool with the cast and crew. “She came back the next day to say goodbye. She helped promote the film. No hard feelings and I couldn’t be happier with how the film turned out in the end,” says Seth Rogen. This Is the End turned out for the better, according to Rogen. “She was probably right. It was probably funnier the way we ended up doing it.”

Back in 2013, Seth Rogen and the rest of the This Is the End cast and crew were shocked that they were able to get so many people involved in the raunchy comedy. “Pretty much everyone we went for did it, unless there was a scheduling problem,” he said at the time. “We got people to do sh*t in this movie I can’t f***ing believe they did. It’s truly shocking.” He had this to say about getting Emma Watson on board.

“You know, as handsome as James Franco is, you want to look at someone else eventually. So we thought it could be funny to throw in a random person that we’re not that comfortable with, and Emma [Watson] just seemed to fit the bill. It was a long shot. I did not think she would do it, but she did, and she’s fucking hilarious.”

James Franco said that Seth Rogen was the one who was able to get Emma Watson into their brand of comedy. “Seth was really good about making her feel comfortable,” Franco said in 2013. “But I did get the sense that she’d never done a movie like this before. I mean, she really went for it, but I could see that it was like, ‘Oh, this is not how they shot Harry Potter.'” This Is the End is lightyears away from the realm of Harry Potter, but Watson was able to pull off the role, just as long as it didn’t have anything to do with cannibalism. The interview with Seth Rogen was originally conducted by GQ U.K. This news comes from

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