Guns Of Dragon 1993 Review: A good Hong Kong 1990s Action Movie

Sometimes when i watch old Hong Kong films. Its usually the same cop versus triad plotline in action films or once in a while. The bad guys are of foreign background.

Guns Of Dragon (Ho Huyet Do Long) is one of those films starring a face i have not seen in a long time asides him doing villain roles. Yep thats right Ray Lui Leung Wai is the main protagonist in this movie about a Hong Kong cop. Who moves away to New York City to start a fresh life.

However, Triads that he coincidentally made enemies with coincidentally spot him in New York. And he is forced to fight back. And with eventual help from a Chinese-American FBI agent.

This film makes me wonder how come Ray Lui (Lu Luong Vy) did not get a bigger role or main protagonist role in other modern days.

Ray does everything in this action film (phim hanh dong 2021), martial arts, gunfights, killer roundhouse kicks, clashes and encounters with Triads and later Costa Rican henchmen working with the Triad. The plot may not be the best. But if you want to see Ray Lui in his younger days fight bad guys in both New York City. And later Costa Rica you come to the right place.

Author: Duong VR

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