A Moment Of Romance 2 Review: The film entertains as a fantastic Hong Kong movie

A street racer encounters a mainland courtesan under an extraordinary circumstances. A moment of Romance between them follows after.

Benny Chan’s follow-up to his 1990 mega-hit with Andy Lau, is connected by name only and one of its stars – Jacklyn Wu Chien Lien – who plays a completely different character (actually, she does so in all 3 films of the series). Aaron Kwok (Quach Phu Thanh) is hot AF in this as a rebel teen who, since losing his mum in a horrific car accident, has joined a biker gang and takes part in illegal street races. During one such race, he almost knocks down Wu, who is on the run from some triads who have forced her into prostitution!

A Moment Of Romance 2 (Thien Truong Dia Cuu 2) is pretty much more of the same, yet something feels like its missing. Kwok and Wu do a fine job in their roles, as does everyone, including Kwan Hoi San who gets a nice rainy punch-up with Kowk in an alleyway, and plays a cop who looks out for them both. Plenty of street racing, with some painful looking stunt work, and typical early 90’s triad action keeps things going as the doomed relationship between Aaron Kwok  and Jacklyn Wu Chien Lien (Ngo Thanh Lien) blossom.

Of course, its never a simple as that, and many dark moments follow leading to that tragic and emotional ending we all know was coming…

While its few flaws may show, A Moment Of Romance 2 still entertains as a fantastic Hong Kong movie, with the gorgeous Aaron Kwok making it one of the main reasons to watch!

Overall: Not as perfect as its predecessor, but a fine sequel with nice action and drama that brings a tear to the eye!

Author: Duong VR

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