Eight Strikes of the Wildcat 1976 Review:The movie is all about the martial arts

Gofer, Mo and Pengolin, collectively known as the Three Rats, are looking for a two part treasure map and will kill anyone who gets in their way. A young girl named Shao Wa seeks to avenge the murder of her father. In order to defeat the Rats, she must learn the eight strikes of the Wild Cat from an old Kung Fu Master. While trying to evade his amorous assistant, Lee Ta Fa.

Three guys known as the Three Rats stop a guy and fight him. They take what appears to be a feather from him. Cut to the kung fu school where the beautiful daughter of the teacher is not so good at kung fu. That night the Three Rats accost the teacher and kill him over a treasure map. Our girl, Chi Dan-Dan fights them but gets punched off a cliff.

She floats face down in a river and is reeled in by a fisherman. The old fisherman also has a young guy following him (Lee Tao-Hung). He goes to town and gets beaten up by the Three Rats. The old master goes to the bad guys place to fight but has to retreat. Our girl goes into training. She lives in a treehouse and the young guy climbs up every night to court her.

Overall Eight Strikes of the Wildcat (Thach Thuc Manh Long) is all about the martial arts. It has all the standard character types. The styles are rat style versus wildcat style. Our new girl is acrobatic and certainly a cutie.

This is her first martial art movie (phim vo thuat xua) appearance and she has the lead. After this she appeared again, but not as the lead, in 1981 “The Flower, the Killer”. (I haven’t watched that movie yet but I have it and will review it.) She seems to be a “one hit wonder” but more accurate might be “one miss wonder”. I would compare it to a bowl of white rice, no special moments, nothing to remember here, just 90 minutes of the same old totally average.

Author: Duong VR

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