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Is ‘A Simple Favor’ A True Story? The Thriller Feels Like A Mystery Novel

A Simple Favor is a seriously unexpected film for a number of reasons. The Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively thriller is directed by Paul Feig, who previously has…

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The Sorcerer and the White Snake is one of the strangest – Review

The Sorcerer and the White Snake is one of the strangest, most visually stunning and original fantasy films of recent times. You really should give…

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Super Star John Wick – Keanu Reeves’s glacial turn lays bare troubled project

Keanu Reeves plays a cop hunting for his partner’s killer in this supernatural-tinged thriller. What a strange and frustrating mess this is. Writer-director Gee Malik…

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Kung Fu Killer movie reviews – Doesn’t Follow the Rules

This movie goes by many names. The original Cantonese name is Yi ge ren de wu lin. In English it goes by the names Kung Fu…

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Hands Up 2: Track Aduowan Movie Review – Best Funny Chinese Movie about CN-JP war

The film tells the eve of the defeat of the Japanese aggressor army in 1945. The justice forces led by Guo Dashu and the female…

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EE Adutha Kaalathu movie review of multiple characters and a vibrant city

Arun Kumar Aravind was successful in remaking Pierce Brosnan starrer Butterfly on a Wheel into a stimulating Cocktail but it carried the tag of an…

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